Week 4 Re-Cap: Los Angeles (Pt. 2)

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Hello Everyone!

We have wrapped up our second week in the city of angels and are still having a blast playing all these shows for you all. This past week we visited Artesia High in Long Beach, hit our first middle school shows at Olive Middle and Sierra Vista Middle in Baldwin Park and finished strong at La Mirada High!


Our show at Artesia was so fun! Since the school is on the smaller side, it was a more intimate show which we always love doing. Connceting with our fans on a more personal level is what we love most about these shows, so it was great to meet each and every one of the students at Artesia. Thank you for rocking with us!

Wednesday at Olive Middle was a treat as well. Middle School kids are crazy! They had an enthusiastic welcome waiting for us which made us feel really comfortable and the crowd response was awesome! Thanks to you, we will always be excited for any middle school show! Thank you Olive Middle!!

Sierra Vista Middle was no exception. They were equally as supportive and showed us tons of love during our performance. We can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces again someday!

To finish off this amazing week we headed to La Mirada High School. We were blown away by the students at this school. We felt right at home here and loved every second of the show. The kids we so great and we had a blast playing for you all! Thank you again to every single one of you that comes up to us for a picture or autograph. We love you and hope to see you again very soon!


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