Week 3 Re-Cap: Los Angeles

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Hello Everyone!


Another week down! for the third week of the tour we hit the city of angels.. Los Angeles! We have always been looking forward to these shows in LA and were very excited to get this week started. on Tuesday we began at Channel islands High in Oxnard. We went back up to Oxnard so we could redo the show from the previous week as it had to be cancelled due to rain. We were very happy to be able to give you the show we had planned! It went amazingly well! Thank you so much for the warm welcome!

On Thursday we made it down to San Pedro High School! This show was crazy! We had a mosh pit going and such good energy from the crowd. Thank you guys so much for making it an awesome day! We can’t wait to come back to San Pedro High.



On Friday we headed up to Helen Bernstein High School to finish off an awesome week! We had such a blast playing for all of the students there. We had such an awesome first week in LA, we are super excited to get to the rest of the shows in this beautiful city! Thank you for all the love and support, we hope to see you all again.


Until next time!



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