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Sean O’Leary
Scott O'Leary

It’s a band’s duty to constantly explore new territory.

Uncharted Shores take that responsibility very seriously, and they don’t ever tread the same ground twice. On their second self-titled album, the California quintet strikes pop rock gold. Infusing elements of alternative, indie, and electronic music into their sound, the group crafts eleven irresistible and invigorating songs. Uncharted ShoresSean O’Leary [Vocals, Guitar, Keys], Scott Nagareda [Bass], Thomas Hall [Guitar], Skylar Campbell [Drums], Klaus Campbell [Lead Guitar]–might just take you some place you’ve never been.

In 2009, while still in high school, O’Leary founded the group. Releasing a five-song demo around his school, the budding songwriter started to turn heads immediately. He tapped his classmate Nagareda to play bass, and they began gigging locally under their original moniker, One Direction. Even though they independently released their full-length debut, The Light (which reached #48 on the Billboard “Heatseekers” chart) in 2011, the first couple of years were far from easy and breezy for what would become Uncharted Shores.

“Early last year we were drawn into a high profile legal dispute with a British Boy band,” O’Leary says. “We reformed and regrouped, and are pushing forward harder than ever. Through that process, the band washed upon a new field. It’s uncharted and we’re ready to map it out as we go along.”

That brings us to the eponymous second effort, which clearly maps out the next phase forUncharted Shores. Anthems such as the single “Sink Or Swim” reflect the musicians’ journey with honest lyrics, shimmering keys, and propulsive rhythms.

“I got the chance to say what was on my mind,” the singer goes on. “It’s a relatable story of perseverance. There will always be people who tell you that you can’t do something. You have to keep going no matter what though.”

They certainly do so. Songs like the title track function as something of a call-to-arms for the band over a warm guitar hum. “That’s the story of how this band started,” says O’Leary. “You don’t know what’s in front of you, but you move forward nevertheless. That’s what makes this journey so rewarding.”

With the Campbell brothers and Hall in the fold for good as of early 2012,Uncharted Shores stand stronger than ever. “This is the best lineup we’ve ever had,” adds the frontman. “It’s a dream working with all of these guys. They’re incredible musicians, and we’re locked in.”

However, there’s one important message that underlies everything for O’Leary. “I try to write music that leaves the listener happy,” he affirms. “I’d love to leave people inspired to do something better. There are better days ahead. Our story is the perfect example.”

~Uncharted Shores

Scott Nagareda
Scott Nagareda

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