Uncharted Shores

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Uncharted Shores

Where’s the love in all of this? Are we just chasing clouds? Washed upon uncharted shores to find the way out. Been set on course with no direction. Lost from the start with good intention to find reason to this game that we play just to survive. We’re always standing still. Stuck on this island with no walls and no maps to guide you home. But where is home? Chorus… Follow your heart live with conviction. The lessons learned through confusion but will tie together soon. We will understand it all. Eyes blinded by the light. Lost but these sands still hold their prints that will lead you to the answer and you’ll find home. Chorus… this seas revenge is never ending but with persistence we’ll set our sales at will into the sun. Chorus.

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1. Uncharted Shores

Life in Our Shoes

Thoughts pour in. Here we go again. Try to stay out, but keep on falling into society. The anxiety is killing me slowly. How can I stand up? The gravity it strong. Try to speak your mind, but to them you’re wrong. I’ll stand up. It’s time to go and get out while I can. Please understand that I am everything I can be. And all the times that you doubt me you were wrong. Let me go and watch me fly and take off with my own life. With the whole world on my fingertips, I will make the most of it. I callout; listen to what I have to say. I’ll live my life and let you work yours away. I like the feeling you get when you tell me I can’t. I’ll only come back stronger. Turn around look at the milestone ahead. Our call to arms is to the top. We’re on our way. We’ll make our presence. Thanks for all you had to say. Chorus.Oh oh oh… Chorus.

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2. Life In Our Shoes


Confusion takes over and the world is like, “what the hell is going on?” because all you know is what they tell you. You have the way of breaking out of what we think is true at all. It’s time for you to stand up and just, shout and let it out. You will make them hear your voice. It’s time for a change because we are one. If you fall, then take them all. You will be heard so shout! It’s too hard to pretend that were still the ones in charge when all they do is take what they need and leave misery for the ones like you and I. Chorus. Stand and fight; it’s your time to shine. Chorus.

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3. Shout!

Sink or Swim

Breathe in because it’s sink or swim. Give it all you’ve got because it’s do or die tonight. Been through hell and back and now the stars align to show me where I lost my mind. It’s not like you to run away but its better off that way. Know who you are. We will carry on. We’re so close now know looking down. With only one way left to go, we’re reaching for the sky, yeah, we’ll carry on. Nothing you say can stop us now. Your words won’t bring us down. We know who we are. We’ll carry on. Why do the rich love to step on the poor? They have it all but they still want more oh yeah. How can they sleep at night? Deceitful things they say destroyed decent people’s lives. I can’t take this anymore. We’ll show them we are so much more. Try and take our name we won’t fall without a fight. Chorus…chorus

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4. Sink or Swim


Your arms are the oh ones that catch me. Darkrooms and empty hallways haunt me. They tell a story of a different time. I time when I could hear their voices echo off the walls; a time when things were fine. Can’t find a reason to live this life except for you and you alone. I’ll follow you until the end. Your arms are the only ones that catch me. When I’d fall and hit the ground you were the only one to rescue me. It’s been so long since I’ve been truly happy. Can’t find the meaning in living for myself. When everything I touch just turns to dust and everyone I live for turns and walks away. Can’t find a reason to live this life except for you and you alone. Chorus. Falling to pieces watching my life first at the seams. But I’m not alone. I’m not alone. You’re always there to see me through. Falling to pieces watch my life pass before my eyes. But in the end you’ll be there; the greatest love I ever knew. Chorus.

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5. Follow

Your Song

I am 400 miles away and I’ve never felt so far before. The more I get to know you, the harder it gets to walk out that door. When happiness hangs from a phone call or message you don’t have to tell me twice. The only sun in my heart that brings me back to life. And your soft words they heal the wounds of heartache but cannot mask the pain. Another day away from you I fade away. I sing a song for the days that you are here. To see what I see to feel the feeling that takes me away. I sing a song for the days that few have done. As far as I may go my ears are tuned to your melodies. I’ll always hear your song. I am 400 miles away and I’ve never felt so close before because the more I get to know you the more I can’t wait to walk through that door. The world will try just to hold you back and keep you from the sky. But without you my mind it falls into the night. Hours pass but they go by slow. The only place in the world I go is by your side and hear your voice. The sound of my life. Chorus. (Speech…”hey babe, I’m so proud of you and what you have accomplished. Keep it up love. Keep it up. Live your dream babe. I love you, it’s true. You mean everything to me.”) Chorus

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6. Your Song

Sixth Sense

I see the world spinning slowly backwards in time. I feel the fury of the people growing from the lies. I hear the cries of all the children left for dead trying to find their way alone. But I see a change coming soon that breaks the chains that bind this world. Truth will surely conquer. Love will find its way inside. Open your eyes and together we all can change the world if we try. I see a nation falling faster from fews desires. I feel the sunrise shining down on us to light our way back home. I hear the voice calling out. Things aren’t right and it’s getting louder now. But I see a change coming soon that breaks the chains that bind this world. Chorus. This darkness is threatening. Frustration overwhelming. These secrets that break us. Ambition will save us. Chorus

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7. Sixth Sense

Sweetest Sin

She’s everything I’ve always wanted. From those perfect hips to those cherry lips and the worst part is she knows it. The other guys don’t understand why I keep going back cuz she’s just an act but I can’t help that I like it because…

She’s the girl who knows how to rock my world. She’s played me once before but I keep coming back for more. She’s the girl who knows how to rock my world. The end of me for sure but I keep coming back for more.

I don’t know why I love how it hurts. Addicted to the pain, I’ve done everything but it never was enough. I think its time to draw the line. But ill watch her walk right over it come take me for a ride.

She’s the girl who knows how to rock my world. She’s played me once before but I keep coming back for more. She’s the girl who knows how to rock my world. The end of me for sure but I keep coming back for more.

Here we go again. I know you’re wrong but you feel so right. You’re me sweetest sin.

She’s the girl who knows how to rock my world. She’s played me once before but I keep coming back for more. She’s the girl who knows how to rock my world. The end of me for sure but I keep coming back for more.

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8. Sweetest Sin


The sun does not once part the sky without you on my mind. No matter when or where you fly. Oh baby, you’re still by my side. In my heart is where you’ll always be. Every step I take every breath I breathe and every tear that I cry I swear I do it for you. I know that all endings start a new because I’ve tied all my beginnings all to you. Live through me and endlessly until I’m set free. We’ll be together again someway somehow so please my Angel hear me out. As far as we may go it’s only goodbye for now.

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9. Angel

One Can't Believe

I can’t believe you’re leaving me. You took it all and now I see exactly what you saw in me. I see. I see. You took my hand and said,” Let’s go”. You lead me down that empty road. And now that I am alone again I see. I see. You couldn’t quit until you took it all. Because I can’t save you. You’re falling fast. You’re falling fast. And I won’t wait for you this time. No I won’t save you. You’re falling fast. I don’t want you back. And I know I will be just fine on my own this time. To say the least I had enough. I never was quite good enough for you no matter who I tried to be I see. And I know that you could be the death of me. We’ve played the games. Round and round we go. This rides coming to an end. Do you see what I see? I never really had a chance at all. Chorus. I guess you’ve had enough. A little times too much to ask of you. You’re always running out the back door. And I ; I think you’ve said enough. I understand that life is too hard on you. So just live it on your own. I’m on my own. I’m on my own. Chorus.

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10. One Can't Believe

Live, Laugh, Love

You said you’ve never done this before. You said it felt like angels made you walk this way. And I felt words work their way right through me but silence took me over. But you knew what I’d say. We’d swear that we had something different. I felt it in the instant I asked you to be mine. I’d tell you that we would last forever. When we had each other we’d take on the whole world. And will laugh. And we’ll cry. And we’ll make it through the darkest of times. And we’ll love. And we’ll lie. But will find a way until it’s alright. I’d give up everything just to be there by your side. So we’ll live, and we’ll laugh, and we’ll love until sunrise. I’ve never felt so sure with someone to let them in so closely as I’ve done with you. You’ve taken me higher then I could be. This love it runs right through me. I’d never ask for more. Chorus. (Speech “when you’re flying without wings. Words of love have a very special meaning. A very special effect. Love provided you with everything your soul needs. Love is the power of the spirit. A power that can change your entire world. When you smile if you remember them for just a moment. When you care for everything they care for. When you love everything they love. When all this happens. You are in love.”) Chorus.

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11. Live, Laugh, Love


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